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I have no clue what I am doing...

Blah Blah Blah...

I like talking, I can ramble on but I have no people skills really. I'm an awkward person, I usually make people uncomfortable easily and then make myself go, "God damn, Emily."

My name is Emily Jade Tydell (I don't care if you know my real name, my user info is connected to my facebook).
I'm 20, and a piscesian. (My mom said I've always been a piscses and that's why I came out six weeks early) My boyfriend is a cancer which means we get on well. (My Mom and my best friend is also cancers.. which might explain a lot). I have red hair and lots of it... on my head. It grows fast and thick and omg I hate brushing it so I make my boyfriend do it. I'm kind of short, Kind of skinny (to other people; not me), I'm really pale and have lots of freckles (red hair) and blue eyes. I'm the eldest and only girl in my blended family. (Both of my parents have remarried three times) I'm messy, kind of realllyyy lazy and I like to sleep. A lot. Espically during high school. I kind of miss high school but I don't at the same time because I hated a lot of people while I was there.


I love my boyfriend. A lot. So much sometimes I just want to shake him senseless.... Is that wrong??? He's the best boyfriend ever. He treats my like a real princess.

I like snowglobes, dream catchers, wind chimes, Hello Kitty, cats (I'll probably be a cat lady), books, floral print, the colour black, crosses, feathers, boots, dresses, rainy days, blankies, video games, anime...

My favourite movies are: Little Miss Sunshine, Romeo + Juliet, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clueless, Lars and the Real Girl, The Dark Knight... I am having a mental blank.