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Things I'd tell my 16 year old self

I would tell my sixteen year old self:
  1. Grow your hair! Do not keep cutting it!
  2. Get rid of those lame, stupid, bitchy friends you hang out with. They're not going to be there after high school.
  3. When you have a massive fight with them at the end of the year, do change schools like your mother suggests. It probably would've been for the best.
  4. Change your subjects in school to ones you actually like and study.
  5. STUDY!
  6. When you get drunk at the after party after the semi formal, do laugh when you and rhiannon lock sharlyce out of her own bedroom while she vomits, [it isn't so mean] and do tell sharlyce off for trying to copy your look.
  7. Be a better older sister. Seriously.